Being a Girl is a multi-faceted program that will
directly improve the lives of thousands of girls in India.

Gender Equality-
Project “Being A Girl”.

Being a Girl is a multi-faceted program that will directly improve the lives of thousands of girls in India. We believe that changing the lives of girls can change the world. Our community-driven projects will address to women and girls of the most critical areas like education, healthcare, skill development training, leadership, microfinance.

Plan to Empower has started working in several locations of India to empower women and girls through gender-responsive education & skill development programs along with health and nutrition programs especially designed for women and girls. We can achieve gender equality and empower women and girls by educating them and increasing literacy rates among women. Plan to Empower is addressing gender inequalities and discrimination by focusing on areas which can empower women economically and socially, including access to land, water, education, training, markets and financial services.

Girls in countries like India face overwhelming odds from the moment they are born. Being a girl, she’s more likely to suffer from malnutrition, be forced into an early marriage, be subjected to violence, be sold into the sex trade, or become infected with HIV. Being a girl, she faces discrimination in her own home. Being a girl, she’ll have limited access to a doctor or even a primary education although she’s able to go to school at all. But we’re here to change all that.

Limited access to education, especially for women and girls, presents a serious obstacle to community growth and development in many parts of India. We are promoting women’s political rights and strengthen their social recognition and developing leadership skills among them. We influence people, build public awareness, encourage communities and our partners to provide positive learning environments that treat girls and boys equally.

Through our several development projects, we reach out to the most marginalized and vulnerable populations of girls in India, rigorously measuring our impact every step of the way. However, it’s not just a girl thing. We actively and strategically engage men and boys to take an active role in all of our initiatives because real change can’t happen without the support of the entire community.

Experience and research consistently show that improving the lives of girls also lifts the condition of their families and their communities. Quite simply, investing in girls is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Girls can change the world. But they can’t do it without support.

Project Being a Girl will empower disadvantaged women and girls through imparting skill training, computer training, educational scholarships and Self-help, which will help to generate an income for their families and give a better chance of survival. We believe that through education of women and girls, livelihoods are improved for entire communities and civic education and liberties are enhanced. Educated girls become educated women who have the knowledge, skills and opportunity to play a role in governance and democratic processes and to influence the direction of their societies.

Training for gender equality is a transformative process that aims to provide knowledge, techniques and tools to develop skills and changes in attitudes and behaviors.

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In this project we train women and girls to increasing women’s labor force participation and make them confident and self dependent. We are dedicated to strengthen nutrition, disease prevention, and maternal health programs for women and girls.

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