Plan to eMpower
Dedicated to promoting child welfare and women’s rights in India

About Us.

We seek to safeguard the rights of women and children through advocacy, education, and empowerment.

Plan to Empower is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting child welfare and women’s rights in India. We seek to safeguard the rights of women and children through advocacy, education, and empowerment. We work to ensure that families thrive in environments that are safe, healthy, nurturing, and productive. We at Plan to Empower work to make a world of happiness, tolerance, social equality, dignity and security where poverty and illiteracy has no role to play.

We work to educate children, empower women by educating them and making them financially independent, eradicate poverty and achieve a socially balanced lifeline. Our team works days and nights to have a happy and balanced world around us, providing equal opportunities to all. We work like dedicated professionals but from the core of our heart.

Empowering people out of poverty.

Plan to empower puts women and girls in the center because today they are in most desperate and vulnerable condition and lack very basic necessities. Some of the causes include illiteracy, lack of skills and knowledge, lack of control over economic resources and earnings, and lack of access to credit and financial services. Our maximum effort is to bring all of them in the mainstream.

Plan to Empower works with girls and women in rural areas, urban slums, factories, businesses and many other areas and support them to uplift their livelihoods. In our skill centers we facilitate and train women and girls to learn different skills and give assistance to make them financially independent and break the cycle of poverty.

Poverty gives birth to all other problems in a society. It is a root cause to child labor, school dropouts and illiteracy. Thus, Plan to Empower’s various projects are focused on poverty issues. We help vulnerable families become financially independent by either making them skilled in our skill centers or getting them financial assistance through our micro credit programs to open small shops/business.

Plan to Empower has a history of working with compassion for the causes of Education, Women Empowerment, Adolescent Girls, Poverty, Health and Hygiene relentlessly pursuing a focused agenda of improving their quality of life and fighting for their rights. In this, it is aided by professionally acclaimed professionals, guide and assist the teams at the ground level.

Through the years, we have been recognized by several organizations and institutions. We are thankful for their faith and belief in our services by giving us such an honor. It encourages us and instills a sense of belief that we are on the right path whilst reminding us of the great responsibility we carry towards our society.

The world changes, problems, causes and roots of issues become more complicated every day. We are learning from new techniques, approaches and innovations that can enhance our ability to learn, work and adapt what we do and how we do it for greater impact. Our partners, volunteers, alliances and coalitions escalate solutions, advocate for change and influence actions for education, gender equality and women empowerment.

Our Mission & Values

The mission of Plan to Empower is to reach the un-reached, underprivileged, deprived and disadvantaged people in the rural and urban population of India, who are either totally unsaved, underserved or at best inappropriately served with regards to health, education & other needs for better living. Establishment and advancement of Education, Health, Skill Building, Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Girl Child Education and other issues related to poverty. It is just not particularly for the uplifting of a single area of life or society but for all without any distinction as to caste, color, race, creed or sex, sexual orientation, age, physical appearance, language and religious affiliation.

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