1 billion people today live on less than $1 per day. About 70% of those people are women.

Poverty in India.

According to the World Bank, more than one billion people today live on less than $1 per day. About 70% of those people are women.

We know that every 3.5 seconds, a child dies in the developing world from poverty-related circumstances.
While on the surface poverty is often defined as a lack of income or assets, in the day-to-day lives of the very poor, poverty becomes a network of disadvantages, each one exacerbating the others. The result is generation after generation of people who lack access to education, health care, adequate housing, proper sanitation and good nutrition.
They are the most vulnerable to disasters, armed conflict, and systems of political and economic oppression and they are powerless to improve their circumstances. These conditions often carry with them dysfunctional family and societal relationships, paralyzingly low self-esteem, and spiritual darkness. Poverty is a lack of hope.

At Plan to Empower we are deeply committed to serve and empower the poor and destitute to lift themselves out of poverty. We equip the poor to free themselves from poverty in a holistic way.

Through our microfinance programs, we provide small loans and training to hardworking poor men and women to free themselves from poverty. These individuals use the income from their business to provide education, healthcare, shelter, and other resources for themselves and their families. In our microloan programs, money is lent to entrepreneurs, repaid, and loaned out again. This financial support enables individuals to grow their business and lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty. We target the very poor. In many areas, loans as little as Rs.500 can help individuals build their business. We offer business training and technical assistance to our borrowers. Regardless of the loan size, the results are significant. With profits from their businesses, parents are able to send their children to school, provide better nutrition, health care, shelter and clothing for their families, and become engaged in their communities to break the cycle of poverty.

Plan to Empower works to empower individuals and families thro ugh skill development and vocational training programs to lift themselves out of the entanglements of poverty. We are helping young people to develop new skills, by giving them access to relevant vocational training and connecting them with employers, we enable them to take control of their own careers and lives, and to help their families break out of the cycle of poverty.
Through our skill development programs, we provide vocational training and capacity building programs to hardworking poor men and women to free themselves from poverty.

We seek to promote sustainable socio-economic development of the marginalized communities by systematically helping them build capacities and realize their true potential. We are engaged to provide vocational training with placement as well as employability skills training and career guidance to young people from disadvantaged.

Fight Against Poverty

Fight Against Poverty

Our mission is to bring real and lasting change to children living in poverty. In partnership with contributors, we reduce their daily struggles, invest in their potential, and provide them with the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated and prepared to succeed and contribute to society.

Helping Build Ladders out of poverty means extending an arm of help, love and compassion to make people self reliant financially and psychologically. We just need to replace their ignorance with some skills set,which they will use to build ladders to self sustainability and prosperity. If you feel you need organizational and financial backing for this work. You will be waiting all your life in expectation of support but actually not doing anything. Only thing you need to start is “you”. The rest will automatically fall in line.


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We at Plan to Empower, work to provide need-based training to such candidates to increase their employability in the new economy. We target the very poor.