Corporate Support

Plan to Empower is very privileged to have the support of a number of local, regional and national businesses who sponsor projects, provide supportive equipment and make regular donations. We are always working to forge new relationships with businesses to help us fund our work protecting to empowering the underprivileged peoples especially women and girls.

  1. Underwriting our Project expenses: Sponsor salaries of our staffs from our school, training centers, other programs and their running costs.
  2. Sponsor our events:  Participate with us in our events.
  3. Start a payroll giving:  If your organization is interested in developing an employee participatory process.
  4. Become a partner with us: By partnering with Plan to Empower you can highlight the positive contribution your company can make to the deprived communities. Our eye-catching humanitarian work creates opportunities for exposure which will leave a positive impression on your clients and customers alike.

Please contact the fundraising team on 09891989151 or email If your company would be interested in forming a corporate partnership with Plan to Empower.

Register your company for corporate donations