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Give back to your community by volunteering with Plan to empower.
Be a Change-Maker!

Volunteering is a beautiful act of doing something selflessly.

While we value the time that you are contributing and due importance would be given to the work that you do. Plan to Empower offers a diverse range of volunteering opportunities. Through these, you can not only contribute towards the upliftment of underprivileged people, but also you experience a transformational journey. Contribution to these causes comes from the persistent efforts of the volunteers. These self-motivated individuals understand the need to get involved with these causes. We believe in an Everyone A Change maker World where the best new solutions to the world’s greatest challenges are strengthened through collaborative teamwork. We have the passion and the commitment to bring ever-lasting change to the world. We believe that big impact can be achieved only when innovative solutions combine with a focus on local communities. If you see yourself contributing to a vibrant and a fast-paced work environment, you are always welcomed at Plan To Empower.

Want to join us?

We welcome volunteers who can lend their skills for a number of hours each week, or for special projects or events


Please introduce yourself by completing and submitting the form below. We’ll be in touch within seven days to let you know our next steps.

Donate your Time

Sometimes the best thing you can donate is your time. From giving a few spare hours to making a life-long commitment, several men and women of all ages and backgrounds across India are making a huge contribution with us to create a better future for others.

Our volunteers are life-changers. Find out how you can lend a hand and change a life.

Norms that a volunteer should adhere to

  • Volunteers are not permitted to use Plan to Empower stationery as their own.
  • No cash donations may be collected by any volunteer in any case.
    All Plan to Empower literature will be developed by Plan to Empower. Any modifications must have Plan to Empower’s prior approval.
  • All Plan to Empower activities should be coordinated through the contact point in Plan to Empower.
  • Please do not directly interface on projects, and with other departments of Plan to Empower

For more information, please do get in touch with us on or call +91 9891 9891 82