Computer training for adolescent girls

Proficiency in computers is an absolute requirement for success in today’s technology-aided society. However, due to financial limitations, many children and youths in Sierra Leone have no access to computers or computer learning opportunities. This project is helping to change this by providing basic computer training. This training is in great demand, providing a much-needed foundation. With this training, they become relevant and are equipped with the needed skills for future success.

Most of the youths in such areas of India do not have access to free or subsidized computer training. The training offered in commercial institutions is often out of the financial reach of kids and youth from impoverished families. The fact that they are computer illiterate or deficient in computer skills excludes them from employment and learning opportunities. This severely limits their future advancement and closes the door to new opportunities.

Learning opportunities provided through our computer labs are helping to prepare kids and youths for success in our computer-enabled and connected society. Technology is playing a huge role in educating and empowering them. They have the needed skills for further studies or to launch a small business. With technology proficiency, they are also more valuable to potential employers. This helps them to obtain higher-paying jobs.

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